Benefits of hiring a professional dog walker

If you have a busy lifestyle, having a professional dog walker help you to juggle your pets exercise needs can be beneficial to both you and your dog. Besides making sure your dog is getting regular walks, a professional dog walker can provide years of experience and knowledge in dog care.

Hiring a dog walker seems daunting to some owners, the thought of leaving your beloved pets with a stranger can be nerve wracking. When choosing a dog walker, make sure to go with a professional and highly recommended business, and always trust your gut instinct. You should arrange for them to meet your dogs before any walks, and most reputable walkers will allow you to accompany them on a walk to see what sort of things they get up to. Dog walkers can become great friends to both you and your dog, and in unexpected situations it is a huge relief to know there will always be someone to help you out if you ever need them.

Hiring a professional dog walker will mean you get to see your pets flourish and in good health. They have the time to take them on long, interesting walks and provide a great source of enrichment. With your permission most walkers allow dogs to go on group walks, where they can run off lead and play with others. You may even notice their basic training coming along, as most professional dog walkers will include some sort of training or obedience exercises!

Your dog will get both the physical and mental stimulation they need, which means they are less likely to become bored and destructive while you are out or at work. Behavioural problems can be reduced and you can enjoy a calm and content dog when you arrive back at home.

Some dog owners struggle with work commitments and making time for long dog walks, especially in the week. In large cities, people often lack the time to travel to the open spaces that dog walkers can.

Hiring a professional dog walker is not an alternative to caring for and walking your dogs, however for those who like their dogs to have some company and exercise while they are at work it is a great option to bear in mind. Many walkers offer a multi-dog discount and some even charge less the more times you use them in a week, so it can be very affordable. With an experienced dog walker you can get the peace of mind knowing your dog is getting the best quality of life, even when you are not around.

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