Senior Advice


Obesity Awareness week!

As everybody heads back to work after the new year most of us are thinking about exercising more and healthy eating after popping on a few pounds over the festive period. We are all quick to notice and do something about our own weight gain but have you checked your dog’s weight recently? It is easy for your dog to
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Christmas is fast approaching and many of us already have trees and decorations up ready. Despite the Christmas fun there are a few things we need to remember to make things safe for our furry friends. Trees, bauble, tinsels and delicious treats can all be fun but can also be hazards for our pets. Here are some top tips for
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Breeds and Lifestyle – A dog is for life!

When choosing a dog the breed is very important as the dog should fit in with your lifestyle not be chosen on looks or social status that a breed may represent. There are a lot of considerations that need to happen before making such a big decision dogs can live up to 15+ years; it is huge commitment to make.
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Halloween Fun and Safety!

Halloween can be a great time of year for the whole family – even your dog. However, there are also many potential dangers and sources of stress for your dog. Just remember to keep your dog safe from these Halloween hazards! Halloween Sweets and Treats: Human treats are not usually good for dogs! Sweets, especially chocolate, can be extremely toxic
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