Breeds and Lifestyle – A dog is for life!

When choosing a dog the breed is very important as the dog should fit in with your lifestyle not be chosen on looks or social status that a breed may represent. There are a lot of considerations that need to happen before making such a big decision dogs can live up to 15+ years; it is huge commitment to make.
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World braille day – 04/01/2019

Today we celebrate world braille day, which is the birthday of the Braille inventor, Louise Braille. The day was started around the world to promote awareness of the challenges faced by visually impaired people and to encourage businesses and governments to create social and economic opportunities for the blind. As we celebrate World Braille day here at the natural dog
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Make Your own Christmas Decoration!

Here at the Natural Dog Food Company we have been busy making salt dough decorations for our Christmas tree. They are super easy to make and great fun for all ages! What you will need: Rolling pin Paint Cookie cutters Ribbon or twine 2 cups of plain flour 1 cups of salt 1 cup water How to make: Mix the
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Pet bereavement

Saying goodbye to a pet is extremely hard and can be an emotional time as our pets or often seen as another family member; we spend a lot of time with them and for lots of people they can be the only source of companionship. Many people find coping with the loss of a pet particularly painful when there is
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