Food Storage

How you handle food once you have purchased can make a big difference in how long it stays fresh and maintains it’s nutritional value.

Exposure to air, light, damp and humid conditions can speed up the rate at which foods degrade and ultimately spoil them.

Storage containers can help to protect dog food from rodents, insects and pesky pets that can be attracted to an open bag. Curver storage containers are a unique design that will fit stylishly into any pet household, with various sizes available they are able to suit the needs of everyone. Their compact yet effective design enables containers to fit in cupboards, under worktops and be free standing.

It is recommended that food is kept in it’s original packaging as it has been designed to keep out the elements and preserve the food in it’s best condition. Placing the bag into the container will also give extra protection and preservation. It is equally effective to place food directly into the containers if bags do not fit as they do not contain any harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA). If you do place the food directly into the bins, make sure to clean them out often to avoid any build-up of residue and use the old food completely before adding new food to the container.

If you decide not to use a storage bin the bags are perfect for keeping food fresh as they are breathable and not harmful to your pets or the environment.  Natural Dog Food bags are entirely natural so are recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable! Even the Treats bags are recyclable! Our shiny outer coating is made from clay, we used water based ink and the rest of the bag is made from sustainable paper stocks. Which means for every tree that goes into our bags, three more are planted!

Smaller bins are equipt with handles to make easy lifting, whereas larger bins include wheels and pull handles to simplify the movement of large, heavy quantites of food to make refilling various bowls easier. Handy scoops that are kept in the lid of the larger containers can make portioning more precise and helps to keep everything in one place. Dog resistant latches are all rubber sealed to keep them airtight and prevent emission of food odours.

The travel container compromises of two bowls with non-slip rubber bases, and an airtight storage box for food on the go. These all attach together with a handle to makepacking your pets supplies simple and efficient.

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