Mucky Pup!


We all love taking our dogs on walks and letting them enjoy their surroundings but sometimes they get themselves into some mucky situations! Below are some tips for cleaning them up after a muddy walk.

Be prepared!

  • In most cases dogs do not like bath time so have everything in reach and laid out ready.
  • Brush before a bath as matted hair can hold a lot of water and will irritate the skin.
  • Don’t forget to close all doors in case they make a break for it! Slippery pups will take every opportunity to escape and most will rub against anything to get dry including your clean cream carpets or furniture.
  • If you are using your own bath make sure you put something in the bottom to prevent slipping should they try and make an escape.
  • For nervous dogs use a collar or harness and even ask a friend to hold them reducing the amount of time washing while trying to hold them.

Find the right temperature and be thorough!

Use lukewarm water and rinse all over before adding any shampoo; this will make sure it gets down to their skin rather than site on the top. If using a hose outside run the water at a gentle pace to be kind on the skin.

Avoid pouring water over the face, most dogs will not appreciate this and sometimes can add to ear infections should in get into their ears. Use a wet cloth or flannel to clean the face and avoid any shampoo getting into their eyes. Wash the eyes, chin, behind the ears etc.

For longer haired dogs pre mix shampoo and water, slowly pour over the dog as before and run your hand into the coat, this can help to penetrate long coats and easier to rinse out.

This is an excellent time to wash everywhere and check for any lumps or nasty critters. There are many dog shampoos available; using types with added flea or tick prevention will help keep the nasties at bay alongside your usual flea prevention.

Most dogs do not like hair dryers, if this is the case towel dry and provide an area for them to dry off without getting cold. If your dog doesn’t mind the hair dryer you can use this to blow dry the coat which will be quicker; use a low heat and speed while avoiding blowing directly into the face.

Natural oils such as rosemary and lavender are thought to help repel fleas and ticks, rubbing a few drops through your dog’s coat once dry can also help prevention and leave your dog smelling fresh at the same time as well as some much appreciated praise.

End on a good note!

Reward with a treats after bath time, if it is a hot day provide a frozen snack or if a cold day a raw carrot while drying to occupy them. Playtime can also act as a reward and distract from the urge to rub against the furniture!

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