Running with your Dog

Tips for running with your dog!

  • Be realistic regarding your dogs breed. Small dogs such as Pugs and Chihuahuas are not designed for running at any distance. Also young dogs should not be over exercised as too much exercise could damage its developing joints, causing early arthritis and other issues. Speak to your vet for advice or visit the Kennel Club for more information.


  • Make sure the dog is fit and healthy if expected to run long distances. Build up your dog’s fitness gradually over time; you shouldn’t expect a dog to join you on a lengthy run without prior training, similarly to us.


  • Always carry bags to clear up mess and follow usual courtesies. Not all people like dogs so a fast moving dog can be intimidating, give room to people and make sure you have a good contact on the lead.


  • Carry water especially in heat! Dogs can’t sweat like us and so will pant to try and cool down. Make sure you both stay hydrated and provide a place in the shade for the dog to rest.


  • Be mindful of the ground where you are running; hot tarmac, jagged rocks and galls for example can cause injuries. Inspect your dog’s paws regularly for cuts or soreness. Also salt and dirt from the road can irritate so washing paws when you get home will sooth them


  • Running at night can be dangerous, make sure you are visible. High visibility products are now available for animals as well as humans. Click here to read Into the Night!


  • If running in the countryside or large parks remember your countryside etiquette, such as pick up after your dog, do not litter and be respectful of others. Click here to read In the Countryside!
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