Despite the cold weather and seemingly winter conditions, official British spring time is fast approaching! Spring is a wonderful time for dogs and owners, the flowers come back to life and dogs can spend far more time in the outdoors without being rained on quite so much!

However, it’s not just the flowers that come back to life, so do the fleas and tummy bugs. We have put together a few safety tips to keep everyone happy this spring.

Make sure that your flea control is up to date, this is the time when the coats are thinning and fleas are rearing their heads.

It’s a good time to make sure that the potential for intestinal parasites is limited, being outdoors and drinking from streams and eating all sorts of new goodies can give your dog worms and other parasites, talk to your local Vet about the best approach for you and keep an eye on what your dog is eating.

As your dog is spending more time outdoors they will undoubtedly be doing more exercise. Keep an eye on their weight and make sure that if they are really active, you feed a little more to help with those new energy requirements. Always make sure that fresh, clean water is available for your dog, especially during high exercise months.

It’s also a good time to make sure that their collar still fits well and that their name tag is up to date and not loose or falling off.

If your dog is spending more time in the garden make sure you check to see if there are any holes in the fence or escape routes to be found, our furry friends have a habit of escaping from the most unlikely of places and more time outdoors means more time to investigate!

Last but not least, with more time outdoors comes the added requirement for grooming. Always make sure that your dog is well groomed and not tangled or knotted, this keeps their skin and coat healthy and will also let you spot any cuts, grazes or fleas that have worked their way in.

Remember to have fun and if in doubt, talk to your local Vet or call our advice line free on 0800 848 8049. Don’t forget to see our In The Countryside post!

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