Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is also known as the feast of Saint Valentine and is celebrated annually on 14th February; it is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century.
It has become a day to celebrate and show our loved ones how much they mean to us, most of us like to include our four legged friends too! Some common Valentine’s Day traditions and gifts can be harmful to our canine companions, so we have put together some safety tips.

1. A box of chocolates may be a very kind gesture and much appreciated however do not leave them where dogs can get to them! Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. The darker the chocolate and more they eat, the more they will react to it. Smaller amounts can cause stomach upset and vomiting however if you suspect your dog has eaten a large quantity, it may be advisable to seek veterinary advise as it can cause serious issues.

2. Sweets are also harmful to our dogs, as many of them contain the ingredient Xylitol – a sweetener which if ingested can cause vomiting, loss of co-ordination, seizures and liver failure; some cases are fatal. Again if ingested you should seek veterinary help.

3. Flowers are often exchanged however a big vase of fresh smelling, textured and unfamiliar objects can be tempting for dogs to have a nibble on. Popular flowers such as roses can cause injuries to the mouth due to thorns, and others can be poisonous. Also keeping them close to the ground means broken glass can be a danger should the vase be knocked over. Be sure to keep them out of reach and away from wagging tails!

4. Candles and wagging tails do not mix! Replace open flames with led candles to avoid accidents and burns or put real candles higher up on fireplaces etc. out of reach. Also remember to extinguish any candles before leaving the dog alone in the house in case of fire!

5. Buying a loved one a puppy for Valentine’s Day may seem like a good idea, however a puppy is a life commitment and not a gift. Thousands of unwanted puppies and dogs are left at rescues each year; the decision to take on a pet should not be taken lightly. See our blog page for tips of choosing the breed for you and buying vs rescue.

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