Active Dogs


‘Active’ food is not necessarily just for dogs that have a professionally active lifestyle. If they are involved in activities such as hunting, fly ball, agility, or just lead a generally active lifestyle such as long hikes every day they are considered as active.Active dogs need more energy from their food to sustain this lifestyle. Our active range has been specifically designed to meet their needs, it is highly digestible and nutrient dense so as to allow for adequate supply of energy in a smaller volume of food. It is also based on the same recipe as the other varieties giving a steady release of energy throughout the day.

There is a 5% increase in protein and elevated levels of carbohydrate, this also makes it an ideal food for dogs that are underweight and need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. They could be underweight from a bad situation or have a much higher metabolism.

Mixed vegetables and herbs are a great way to help with energy requirements and potential joint problems later on in life.

Although dogs get more energy from active food, this does not mean they will become hyperactive in any way.


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