Our Naturally good company

We understand that for animal lovers, one of the considerations when choosing food for your pets, aside from the nutritional value and ingredients list, is price. That is why we continuously strive to find new ways of developing tasty, natural food and treats, which not only improve the wellbeing of our customers pets but don’t harm their pockets!

We believe that owning a dog brings huge responsibilities regarding the health, welfare and happiness of the animal and that is why we work with veterinary professionals and pet nutrition experts to produce food which brings out the best in our dogs. Not only that, but we have been determined from the start that we would do our very best to minimise our effect on the environment, and we remain committed to doing so with our carbon negative programs, award winning recycling facilities, wetland habitat and tree planting schemes.

Most of all we wanted to produce a range of super-tasty 100% natural food that dogs would love and that our customers could believe in. We wanted food that would produce a visible improvement in their health and appearance with shiny coats and exuberant energy and fitness.

At the Natural Dog Food Company, we believe that our dogs part of the family. As such they all deserve only the best natural food full of nourishing goodness and made with the care and attention they merit.

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Our Natural Dog Food ethics

So you may ask what exactly does an ethical approach mean? To us, it means that we are committed to offering high-quality natural dog food using ingredients with names that our customers recognise. We do not use unnatural chemicals or bulking agents that have no place in nutritious food. Our ethos is about sustainability, localism and animal welfare.

  • For the dog
  • For the owner
  • For the community
  • For the environment
For the dog

100% Natural

By combining a high proportion of fresh, human grade meat with our unique range of nutritious fruits, herbs, vegetables and high quality carbohydrates Natural Dog Food is the first truly balanced complete dog food.

Meat Rich

Dogs are primarily carnivorous and benefit from a meat rich diet. With an average of 44% in the Original range. Natural Dog Food is formulated to accurately recreate the natural diet of the dog.

Easily Digestible

Natural Dog Food incorporates only the highest quality, natural ingredients with no fillers, by-products, derivatives, or bulking agents. This makes the food very easy to digest and suitable for the most sensitive of dogs.


Free from wheat, soya, dairy products, maize, beef, pork and all forms of chemical additives, the entire Natural dog Food Company range is 100% hypoallergenic.

Highly Palatable

Thanks to the top quality fresh ingredients and especially the high fresh meat content, most dogs find Natural Dog Food irresistible. For this reason we don’t add any salt, fats, sugars or flavour enhancers.

Low Protein

Excessive protein can be responsible for a range of health concerns and behavioural problems in dogs. This is true if the protein comes from an inappropriate, non meat source.

For the owner

Produced entirely in the UK, our meat and fish-rich products encourage a healthy digestive system and better health through smaller, satisfying portions, which makes our food a more economical choice. And with no nasty chemicals or additives, your dog will love the taste too. Any questions? Call our free advice line on 0800 848 8049.


We only use the highest quality ingredients with no fillers or bulking agents, our dog food contains more high quality nutrition per gram than many competitor brands making our feeding amounts amongst the lowest around. The price per day of feeding Natural Dog Food therefore works out as remarkably economical.

UK Produced

All of our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. This means that every ingredient apart from the brown rice comes from the UK: Scottish salmon, Welsh lamb, English chicken, herbs and vegetables grown in Cambridgeshire and grains grown just outside of our factory. All manufacturing and packing also takes place right here in the UK.

Less Waste

With no fillers or bulking agents at all, Natural Dog Food is highly nutritious and easy to digest meaning you need to feed much less and as a result there is less waste to pick up afterwards.

Free Advice Line

Any questions you might have can be put directly to our nutritionists on our free-phone advice line on 0800 848 8049


Our ethical code has dictated the way in which The Natural Dog Food Company has developed right from the start: Our meat comes from non-intensive, UK farms; our packaging is biodegradable; we source our ingredients locally wherever reducing our carbon footprint; we're firmly against animal testing and we supply only independent traders.

Happy Healthy Dog

Every ingredient used in Natural Dog Food is of the highest quality and has been selected to reflect the natural diet of the dog. By combining high proportion of fresh, human grade meat with our unique range of nutritional herbs, vegetables and whole grains we have been able to create the first complete dog food to contain every nutrient a dog needs without any artificial vitamin supplementation whatsoever.

For the community

We like to get along with our neighbours, so with this in mind, we recycle as much as we can of the packaging and water that we use. We also ensure that the air around our premises smells as sweet as it should. Look for us in small, independent pet shops where quality, not quantity counts.

Support Local

We are committed to helping our local community, therefore we support our local, independent pet shops so you won’t find Natural Dog Food in supermarkets or pet superstores.

Save Water

During the manufacturing process for our Natural Dog Food, we actually recycle over 80% of the water we use.

Clean Air

To help maintain a healthy atmosphere and live in cleaner air, all of the air we use is passed through reed-bed filtration systems before being put back into the environment creating a clean smell for our neighbours.


We have an award-winning on site recycling plant. This plant separates paper, cardboard and plastic therefore providing 100% no waste to landfill. All our plastic is burnt cleanly in power stations to produce electricity for the grid.

For the environment

Our support for UK farmers and local food producers is at the heart of our mission, along with our participation in the creation of wild areas where our birds and pollinators can flourish. Clean air and green spaces benefit them and us. For more information about our project, call 0800 848 8049.

Locally Sourced

Every ingredient used in our Natural Dog is sourced as locally as possible to help reduce overall transport carbon emissions.

UK Farmed

We use only non-intensively farmed British meats: English chickens and turkeys with full access to the outside, Sustainably farmed Scottish salmon, Meadow reared, pasture fed Welsh lambs.

Clean Air

To help maintain a healthy atmosphere and live in cleaner air, all of the air we use is passed through reed-bed filtration systems before being put back into the environment creating a clean smell for our neighbours.

Green Spaces

Our Habitat, Creation & Management Plan provides major benefits in terms of additional planting, the creation of wetland areas and species rich grasslands to encourage nesting and foraging bird species.

‘Simply the best food around, 100% natural, 100% delicious. Our dogs just can’t get enough’

James Clarke

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