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Our Frequently asked questions

What is different about Natural Dog Food?

In short, lots of things, but quality is our mantra. 100% Natural and 100%

Delicious, all human grade and all perfectly suited to your dogs daily requirements.

Do you use fresh meat? It is from factory farmed animals?

We use fresh, human-grade meat which is perfectly reared and cared for, whether it is grass fed lambs, free range chickens or sustainably farmed salmon the animals used are free of unnecessary antibiotics, growth hormones, and are non-intensively farmed here in the UK.

Why is Natural Dog Food more expensive than some others?

All of Natural Dog Food’s ingredients are of the highest quality we can find; therefore sourcing them can come at quite a cost. As each individual piece of kibble is so densely packed with nutrients, our feeding amounts are surprisingly low.

Meaning the cost of feeding Natural Dog Food per day is reduced.

Where is your food made?

The Natural Dog Food Company is a family run business based in the small Lincolnshire village of Heckington. Our food is made at our factory right here in the UK.

Can I moisten the food?

Adding a small amount of warm water to our kibble creates natural gravy with a delectable aroma that dogs love! Young puppies or elderly dogs may find it easier to eat softened kibble.

How do I introduce my dog to your food?

We recommend changing gradually over a period of up to seven days. This gives your dog’s digestive system a chance to adjust to Natural Dog Food. Start by mixing a small amount of Natural Dog Food with the old food. Gradually increase the amount of the Natural Dog Food while reducing the amount of the old food, until you are feeding your dog entirely on Natural Dog Food.

Do I need to switch between flavours gradually?

All of our recipes are made up so that the basic constituents of each flavour stay the same, all 100% natural, nutritional and balanced. The only thing that changes is the meat source. This means you can swap between flavours with no digestive upset whatsoever.

Do I need to switch between flavours gradually?

All of our recipes are made up so that the basic constituents of each flavour stay the same, all 100% natural, nutritional and balanced. The only thing that changes is the meat source. This means you can swap between flavours with no digestive upset whatsoever.

How is Natural Dog Food made?

Our ingredients are chopped, combined and added to a mixing bowl, which then  goes into a machine which gently steam cooks the mix to form biscuits. This process does not denature the ingredients whatsoever due to low temperatures and low pressure.

How long do your bags of food last?

We make sure that out bags have the longest shelf lives possible when sending them out to our customers, which can be up to 18 months.

Where can I buy natural dog food?

You can purchase all varieties of our food on our online shop, alternatively you can use our stockist finder to locate a shop local to you that sells Natural Dog Food. If there are no stockists near to you, we are constantly looking for independent retailers so suggestions are always welcome!

Does Natural Dog Food contain any animal derivatives?

Unlike many other companies, all of the fresh meat that we use is fit for human consumption, and does not include any derivatives whatsoever. We are proud to say that we only use the finest ingredients, and would not include anything in the food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

Can my small adult dog eat puppy food?

Our puppy food is perfectly suitable for small breeds. Although our Adult kibble is on the smaller side compared to most, some dogs prefer the puppy kibble size. Feeding amounts should be monitored, as the puppy food and amounts are formulated for growing puppies and may cause adult dogs to gain excess weight.

What is ‘ash’?

In dog food, ash is not as we know it. Ash represents the mineral content of the food & is determined chemically by burning the product. It is not an ingredient.

Why don’t you add vitamins and minerals to the food?

By combining a high proportion of fresh meat with a broad range of vegetables, nutritious whole grains and herbs, Natural Dog Food is the first truly balanced complete dog food. This means that everything a dog needs can be found in the raw ingredients so unlike all earlier dog foods, we don’t need to add any artificial vitamins or minerals making Natural Dog Food Company the first completely natural dog food on the market.

Are your bags recyclable?

Natural Dog Food bags are made of entirely natural products; they are recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable! This means they are breathable and perfect for storing the food, it also means that the bags are not harmful to your pets or the environment. Our shiny outer coating is made from clay, we used water based ink and the rest of the bag is made from sustainable paper stocks. Which means for every tree that goes into our bags, three more are planted! Even the Treats bags are recyclable!

When should I feed senior food?

As a rough guideline, we say around 7-8 years old is classed as a senior dog. However you should not feel as though you need to change foods if your dog is doing well on our Adult food. The senior recipe benefits from herbs and vegetables tailored to help with joint strain, impaired major organ function and reduced mobility. It also has slightly increased protein to help prevent muscle wastage that is often seen in older dogs.

Do I need to add any other food to Natural Dog Food?

Natural dog food is formulated as a balanced complete diet and as such provides everything your dog needs to remain fit and healthy. Nevertheless, we think that dogs are individuals with individual tastes and should be treated as such. Like humans, they thrive on variety and this can be provided through ‘optional’ extras such as fresh green vegetables, meat and raw bones. To ensure the correct nutritional balance is maintained, we suggest feeding Natural Dog Food as at least 90% of the total diet.

How many times a day should feed my puppy?

Puppies can be fed a minimum of 3 times a day, as they still only have small stomachs they cannot handle large meals yet.

What herbs and vegetables do you use?

We have recreated the mixture of herbs and vegetables that would have been available to dogs through the stomach contents of their herbivorous prey. This vegetable matter provides an enormous variety of micro-nutrients which are largely lacking in other complete foods. It is this specific combination that really sets Natural Dog Food apart and although we would love to give more details, we equally don’t want to advertise our recipe to our competitors.

How many times a day should I feed my adult dog?

We recommend feeding an Adult dog twice a day, where possible.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

Hypoallergenic means it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Our food contains no wheat or other cereals commonly associated with allergy and intolerance, no dairy, soya or maize, absolutely no artificial additives of any kind, no by-products, no GM and no added sugars.

My question is not listed, how can I get in touch?

You can ring our sales team on 0800 848 8049, email us at info@naturaldogfoodcompany.com or reach out to us on social media.