Camping Safety

While some seek sun in other countries, the UK has its own haven of beautiful forests, adventure parks and lakes. If you are an outdoor, nature loving family who holiday with their hound it can take a lot of organisation for it to run smoothly.
Before departing for your break, make sure that collar ID tags and microchip details are up to date, you can even get reflective or flashing attachments to make sure your dog doesn’t disappear when night falls.

Pack everything that you need and write a checklist to help you remember the last minute things; a bed, water and food bowls, leads, poo bags, water (some places do not supply fresh water free of charge), toys, treats, food, cool mats and tethers etc. It is also a good idea to pack a doggie first aid kit, just in case…

Make sure you have a tent/space to fit everyone in! As we all know dogs tend to sprawl out so the more space the better.

When you arrive make sure to pet-proof the campsite, clear up any mess left behind such as food scraps, rubbish and anything else your pooch could get its paws on.

Keep your dog close at all times, do not let them off the lead if not appropriate and be conscious of fellow campers that may not appreciate a furry companion. If your dog is not familiar with the area it may get lost, fall into rivers/lakes, get stuck somewhere or eat something toxic. This is why it is best to supervise dogs 24/7.

Pick up after your dog! Be sure to keep an eye out for waste, as this is often a serious matter at campsites and your holiday may be cut short if not picked up.

With countryside comes wildlife, respect the habitat of creatures around you and your dog. Up skittled badgers, foxes, swans etc can turn nasty and lash out at your pup.

As always, keep your dog at a safe distance from any open fires or BBQ’s, do not feed any fatty scraps or bones as these may lead to upset tums and cooked bones can splinter causing serious issues! Remember to look out for warning of Alabama Rot, if the area has reported cases avoid the areas suggested and it may be a good idea to wash down legs and tummies with clean water after a run.

Also please abide by countryside rules! Close gates and do not let dogs chase livestock, see our other countryside safety article for more information!

Enjoy camping holidays safely and create lifelong memories with your canine companions.

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