With Easter weekend just around the corner here are a few tips to help you have a pet friendly Easter!

• Keep chocolate and other human treats out of reach of your pets. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine which is toxic to cats and dogs. Hot cross buns contain raisins which are also toxic to cats and dogs and could potentially cause kidney damage or even life-threatening kidney failure.

• Packaging can cause issues for your pets if eaten causing intestinal blockages, cuts etc. Keep all packaging out of reach of your pets and put straight into the bin.

• Easter egg hunts are great fun for children and adults, we all love them here but remember to keep your dog away from the Easter egg hunt area. If you are having an Easter egg hunt in the garden be conscious of any cats that may come into the garden. Don’t leave the area that has hidden eggs unattended that way any animals can be redirected away from the treats that have been hidden.

• Cut flowers and plant bulbs can be poisonous all year round not just at Easter, try to provide a barrier to help reduce the risk of your pets digging up the bulbs or using the planters as toilets.

• Many plant bulbs, even those that aren’t flowering, are poisonous to pets if eaten. Daffodils, spring crocus and tulips are just a few of the flowers and bulbs that can cause your pet to be ill so keep all indoor plants out of reach. Even if you have plants or flowers that are not toxic to your pets try to keep these out of reach of your pets to reduce the risk of them thinking all plants are safe to eat.

• If you think your pet may have eaten any plants or flowers contact a vet immediately and they will be able to advice you on the best thing to do for your pet.

• If your dog is outside with you during the Easter egg hunt, make sure that all boundaries are secure and their microchip and ID tag are up to date and clear to see just in case they manage to escape.

• Make sure all craft supplies are kept out of reach when making bonnets, egg decorating, pictures etc. Many of these can cause blockages if eaten. These items can also be toxic to your pets so be sure to keep everything out of their reach.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter and don’t forget to share your Easter pictures with us over on social media

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