Grass seeds

Grass seed injuries are a seasonal problem and can very serious.

Grass seeds are an arrow shapes and while their wispy barbs are designed to entangle and spread, the tip is an arrow shape which can quickly become embedded in the skin. But the danger doesn’t stop there, these seeds are known to travel through the body piercing through soft tissue which can cause very serious injuries and in some cases can be fatal.

Seeds in ears, noses and paws can be common so it is important to check your dog for seeds after walks through long grass and woodland as they are easily removed if caught quickly. Dogs with long coats have seeds in the fir and may not be visible straightaway so a quick brush after a walk will help to find any that may be hidden.

Excessive sneezing, head shaking, itching, licking can be signs of a problem, a vet trip may be required for those in noses or that have already begun to pierce the skin or have become embedded as x-ray may be needed to locate the seed and sedation may also be necessary if it is very painful for your dog.

If you have removed a grass seed which has pierced the skin you should wash with a salt water solution and keep clean to avoid infection, if you have any concerns or need more advice please contact your local vet.

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