Halloween – Cats!

Halloween can be a great time for all the family to enjoy, even your cat! However, there are many potential hazards and stress for your cat to overcome.

During Halloween season keep an eye out for some of these potential dangers.

Sweets and treats

Human treats are not always good for cats! Sweets, especially chocolate, can be extremely toxic to your cat and only a tiny amount can be fatal. Cats could also ingest food wrappers, causing a risk of choking, upset stomach and diarrhoea as well as other signs.

Various party snacks can be too salty and may contain ingredients that are poisonous to your cat such as onions and raisins. Alcohol and cats do not mix, alcoholic drinks pose a significant risk of severe illness.


Halloween decorations

Remember to keep lit pumpkins well away from your cat! Cats are very inquisitive and could knock the pumpkin onto the floor risking a fire or even causing damage to themselves. Battery powered and electrical decorations should also be kept out of your cat’s way as batteries can be harmful to cats. If your cat manages to chew a battery and puncture it they could suffer from chemical burns in their mouth. If you have a cat that is prone to chewing wires, be sure to keep all wires out of reach or covered to avoid burns or electrocution.

Candles are also a hazard that needs to be kept out of the way of your cat, they can be easily knocked over or burn their tail. There are lots of LED/battery operated alternatives which are less likely to cause a fire and can be left for long periods of time. Have fun when you are decorating for Halloween but always be mindful of your cat.


Trick or treaters and other guests

Cats will either great every person who enters your home or take themselves away from all the people, either way you should always be aware of where your cat is during the Halloween season. A lot of cat charities advise not to let your cat out during Halloween season..

Cats, especially black cats seem to be targeted during the Halloween season. If you do have an outdoor cat, we would advise providing a safe place indoors, perhaps a garage or shed during Halloween and fireworks night.

During Halloween there is often constant ringing of the doorbell or knocking at the door which may cause them to become nervous or frustrated, this in turn can cause your cat to have difficult or disruptive behaviour. Be aware of where your cat is when you open the door to trick or treaters or guests as your cat may decide to make a run for it if they start to feel stressed in the home.

Try keeping your cat in a different area of the home with some music or the TV on to drown out the noise of strangers. Even if you make sure these precautions are in place you should always make sure that your cats microchip is up to date and they are wearing a collar just in case!


Halloween costumes for cats

Some cats don’t mind getting dressed up however there aren’t many that do and they can become scared. If you want to dress your cat up, start simple and see how they respond to it, if they do not like it please leave them alone. Cat Halloween bandanas and collars look really nice on cats so no need to push your cat into wearing a full outfit.

If your cat is ok with getting dressed up, choose a costume that fits comfortably and allows your cat to move freely. If it is too tight it could cause rubbing to their skin and cause your cat to become stressed. Loose-fitting outfits can cause your cat to trip or get caught on other objects around the house. It is advised that you don’t leave your cat unattended with a costume on at any time in case they manage to get themselves stuck somewhere.

Make sure your cats litter tray is clean and accessible to your cat at all times. If the area your cats litter tray is normally kept isn’t going to be accessible to them at any time during Halloween and the firework season be sure to gradually move the litter tray, over a few weeks, to the new spot where it will be accessible at all times. Your cat may use the litter tray more often due to fear or stress so be sure to check regularly that the litter tray is clean for your cat.


Have fun, be safe and have a happy Halloween! Don’t forget to share your photos with us!


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