Into the Night . . .

As the evening get darker much quicker and traffic continuing to increase, visibility at night becomes more important. We are always told to light up our bikes and jackets with reflectors and lights, even our roads are illuminated with reflective studs to guide us but it is also important when out walking the dog!

With Pet visibility products becoming more popular there much more variety to help us keep safe in the dark, not just dogs but other animals and ourselves. These products range from high-vis to fully illuminated with LED lights. Products below are just some examples of the ranges available.

High vis:
Leg bands

LED lights:
and even toys!

Or cheaper and just as effective alternative to buying new products, reflective tape can be added to your on collars and leads, you should also use this on your own clothing. Also a clip on torch for your own use in an emergency is essential, especially when trying to pick up in the dark!

Try to wear bright colour as is starts to get darker, it will make it much easier for cars etc to spot you!

Always remember to research products before purchasing and think about how your pet will react to them, for example some pets will not like strap on their legs, other may be uncomfortable with coats on.

Don’t forget it’s not just dogs who may benefit but out other furry friends too – there are products available for all sorts of animals; cats, horses and even chickens!
Keep safe out there!

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