National Gardening week!

Have you been busy getting your garden spring tidy? For those of you who are getting your garden ready for the summer please take a moment to read about some of the dangerous plants and bulbs that could be growing in your garden.

Whilst many plants can be toxic to pets, there are plenty of pet-friendly options that can add colour, fragrance and texture to your outdoor space. Here are some tips to help you create a garden that is safe and welcoming for your cats and dogs.

1. Choose pet-friendly plants
Cut flowers and plant bulbs can be poisonous all year round not just in spring and summer. Choosing plants that are safe for your pets is one of the easiest ways to create a pet friendly garden. Some plants such as lilies, azaleas and daffodils can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested. Others such as aloe vera, marigolds and petunias are safe and could even have health benefits for your pets. Other pet friendly options include basil, chamomile, Strawberries, blueberries, ryegrass, wheatgrass and many more.

2. Avoid using chemicals
Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers can all be harmful to pets if ingested or absorbed through the skin. Instead of using chemical products in your garden try using natural alternatives such as vinegar to control pests and compost to fertilize your plants.

3. Provide shade and water
Just like humans, pets can overheat in the sun, especially during the summer months. Make sure your garden has plenty of shade and provide a constant water source for your pets, fountains are a great addition to help provide a constant water supply for your pets and add to the beauty of your garden. If you have the space, you could create a designated relaxing area for your pets such as a shaded patch of grass or a cosy outdoor bed.

4. Secure your garden
To keep your pets safe, it is important to make sure your garden is securely fenced and free from any potential hazards. Check for loose or sharp objects such as rocks or broken glass and remove any toxic plants or materials.

Creating a pet friendly garden can be a fun and rewarding project that benefits both you and your pets. By choosing pet safe plants, avoiding chemicals, providing shade and water and securing your garden you can create a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.

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