The importance of weighing your dog

We often have customers asking for feeding advice, and one of the first questions we ask is how much their dog weighs. It is surprising the amount of people who do not weigh their dog regularly.

Keeping track of your dog’s weight is really important, with dog obesity becoming a common problem in the UK; it is something that needs to be done regularly. Weighing your dog not only determines how much they should be eating daily, but it can also help to detect the early signs of serious illnesses. A record should be kept, and any sudden drop or increase in weight should be looked into by a vet who will be able to rule out any medical conditions and advise a better feeding plan.

Most owners go by appearance, which to a certain degree is effective at keeping your dog at its ideal weight, however a guessed weight can lead to over or under-feeding. It is always best to feed to your dog’s ideal weight, this will help to achieve and maintain a good body condition. Adjustments can then be made to fit your dog’s lifestyle and other needs.

A simple way to keep score of your dog’s weight is to take him into your veterinary practise; many have scales in their reception area that are free and easy to use. Alternatively you can weigh your dog at home. Start off by weighing yourself, note down the number. Then (if possible), pick up your dog and note down your combined weight. Finally subtract your weight from the combined weight which leaves you with your dog’s weight.

Adjust your feeding amounts if needed and continue to monitor. For more help please contact us through email, telephone or social media.


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