Top tips to cat-proof your home!

Cats are very independent, curious and they investigate everything. It is important to provide them with mental stimulation, just like dogs, or they can get themselves into trouble. Here are some tips to keep you cats from getting into mischief!
Cat Furniture
Cat trees, scratching posts and planks are important for cats to scratch. Cats scratch to mark territory and keep their nails sharp so if they don’t have somewhere to do this, they will find somewhere such as a carpet or a sofa!
Safe eating place
Some cats don’t like to eat near each other or share food so provide multiple bowls, also keep these away from other pets such as dogs as it can be off putting for them to be around other pets. A nutritious and balanced cat food will maintain good health find out more about natural cat food at
Litter trays
Cats like to use their own litter trays so multiple cats usually means multiple litter trays, also keep these away from where they eat. There are also different kinds of litter so once you find one that suits your cat, try to stick with it as changes can upset the balance.
Cat proof your windows
Many cats love to rest by an open window but it can be dangerous for upstairs windows. Fly nests can be added so you can keep the window open and keep your cat in, plus keep those pesky flies out!
Hiding and climbing
Some cats love to hide away low to the ground, others prefer to climb as high as they can, this sometimes gets them into trouble. Make sure to keep doors to washing machines etc. closed to avoid your cat getting trapped, provide safe and warm places to curl up such as a bed with a canopy. For those who enjoy climbing, add shelves for them to climb to the ceiling and watch the world below, so they don’t try the curtains instead!
Most cats enjoy games while spending time with you. Some like dangling ribbons or chasing toys, others may benefit from food puzzles as it challenges them mentally and keeps their attention. Toys that move independently, make noise or rustle can also be interesting.
Keep things out of reach
Pack away cables etc. when you are finished with them. Your cat will almost certainly test out objects such as chewing cables and hair bobbles, knocking off candles etc. It is better to be safe than sorry and move them out of the way.
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