Why you (and your dog) should follow us on social media

Social media has flourished over the years and is now a platform for so many things. It helps lost dogs find their way home, spread the word about campaigns and is a quick and easy way to find out information.

And that’s why we joined! The Natural Dog Food Company has both Facebook and Twitter profiles, and we update them regularly. We post useful articles, and things we think you might find interesting as a dog owner.  We upload personal pictures of the team, and of course the offices dogs and share what we get up to at work.

Our social media differs from our online website, or telephone conversations because it enables us to contact current and future customers in a much more personal and informal way. You can get instant nutritional advice, tips and tricks from any member of the team who are constantly monitoring our page. We also launch exclusive offers and giveaways to our Facebook and Twitter followers so there’s always the chance to bag a bargain or win something special.

We also adore seeing our customer’s dogs, whether they are out on a walk, performing their latest trick or diving in to a bowl of Natural Dog Food. We love seeing your pictures and often share them with others.

So please join us on social media, either by liking us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Natural-Dog-Food-Company-131802466846462/

Or following us on twitter: @natural_dogfood

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